Wrestling Tuesday / August 28

WWF Raw, live from Grand Rapids Mon night:The Rock does a face interview against Shane Mc Mahon where he proclaims the great history of the WCW title....'Taker d Albert.... WWF European champion Matt Hardy is d by Hurricane Helms, who WINS THE TITLE.... Kurt Angle attacks Raven, knocking him out of the ME.... Test d Bradshaw.... WCW champion The Rock d Rhyno... Hugh Morrus d WWF IC champion Edge by DQ... The Big Show d Booker T by DQ..... ME: Kurt Angle/ Chris Jericho d Tazz/ RVD. Steve Austin takes Angle's gold medals.... NOTES : Jim Ross and Paul Heyman at ringside... Lillian Garcia, ring announcer... Ross and Rock refer to Ric Flair and the prestige of the WCW title on more than one occasion.... Ross refers to the WCW title as a coveted trophy in the world of sports entertainment.

Wrestling Monday / August 27
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