Wrestling Tuesday / August 21

Mon night on WWF Raw, live from Sacremento: The Alliance welcomes WWF champion Steve Austin for Austin Appreciation Night... Lita/ Jackie/ Molly d Torrie/ Stacy/ Ivory.... WCW champion The Rock calls out Booker T, and gets a midget who parodies Booker. Lance Storm confronts Rock, to challenge him for the title later tonight... Team WWF ( Big Show, Scotty 2 Hotty, The APA, Spike Dley & Billy Gunn ) d Team WCW ( Hugh Morrus, Tommy Dreamer, The Dudley Boyz, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn O'Haire ).... Test d Chris Jericho... Cutaway to Mick Foley @ WWF NY.... WCW Title : champion The Rock d Lance Storm... WWF European Title : champion Matt Hardy d Christian.... Booker T enters the building to sneers, and out of rage, challenges Tajiri... Booker T and Tajiri go to a No Contest when referee Charles Robinson stops the match.... Diamond Dallas Page is pinned by Sara, after being pummeled by the 'Taker.... The Alliance salutes Steve Austin with gifts, and a musical tribute. Kurt Angle spoils the party by driving in a dairy truck and spraying the ring with milk. The show ends with Angle toasting milk as Austin looks perplexed in mid-ring.

Wrestling Monday/ August 20
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