Wrestling Tuesday / August 13

WWE Raw last night, broadcast on TNN from Seattle: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar enter the arena and take seats @ ringside.. Eric Bischoff alerts security.. HHH cuts a promo in mid-ring.. Rock enters and cuts a promo on Lesnar.. HHH challenges Rock.. HHH attacks Rock, with help from Lesnar.. Molly/ Nowinski d Trish/ Spike.. Howard Finkle rips on Lilian Garcia, then Kane's music sends Finkle running.. Booker T d Lance Storm.. The Island Boyz attack Mini-Dust.. Bischoff introduces Stacy Keibler, now on Raw.. Stacy strips and dances on the announcer's table..Chris Jericho/ Big Show d Bubba/ Ric Flair.. WWE Hardcore champion Tommy Dreamer d Stevie Richards.. Film is shown from the Melbourne tour.. RVD d Jeff Hardy, as Matt Hardy turns on his brother.. Cutaway to The World in NYC and Lita.. ME: Test/ HHH/ Storm/ Christian d Goldust/ Booker T/ The Rock/ 'Taker.

Wrestling Monday / August 12
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