Wrestling Tuesday / April 30

WWF Raw, last night on TNN from Buffalo : WWF IC champion Eddie Guerrero d Jeff Hardy... Rob van Dam d Booker T... Brock Lesnar d Shawn Stasiak by decision... Steve Austin/ Bradshaw d X-Pac/ Scott Hall, with Ric Flair as the ref... WWF Hardcore champion Buh Buh Ray Dudley went to a No Contest with Jazz, but lost the title to Stevie Richards, who entered the ring and pinned him... Flair announces a 6-man tag for next Mon night with himself, Austin and Bradshaw taking on the nWo, including The Big Show... Spike d Goldust... ME: Wm Regal goes to a No Contest with Hulk Hogan as Hogan is attacked by The Undertaker.

Wrestling Monday / April 29
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