Wrestling Tuesday / April 2

WWF Raw, broadcast on TNN last night from Albany : Ric Flair welcomes us to the new Raw, along with the new Undisputed Title belt... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler at ringside to call the action... Lilian Garcia, in her black mini, in the ring... WWF IC Champion Rob van Dam d Booker T... Eddie Guererro attacks van Dam... Vince Mc Mahon enters the ring with the intent of signing Austin...Flair and Vince square off... Big Show comes to ringside and carries Mc Mahon away and out the door... Spike d WWF European champion Wm Regal in a non-title match... the nWo takes over the APA office... Trish and Terri push the Divas mag,on sale tomorrow... Bradshaw storms the nWo... Buh Buh Dudley d Raven TO WIN THE WWF HARDCORE TITLE... 'Taker squares off with HHH and accepts his challenge for WWF Backlash... Flair presents HHH with the new Undisputed WWF Title belt... a trailer for The Scorpion King, featuring The Rock, airs... The Hardys d Mr Perfect/ Bossman... Brock Lesnar attacks The Hardys... Trish d Terri in a gimmicked bikini match... Molly, turning heel, attacks Trish... Cutaway to WWF NY... Flair meets with Steve Austin, who asks that Mc Mahon be let back into the building... Kane d X-Pac by DQ... Bradshaw helps Kane against the nWo... Austin meets in the ring with Mc Mahon and Flair, and chooses Flair's WWF Raw. He gives both men stunners and signs the Raw contract to end the program.

Wrestling Monday / April 1
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