Wrestling Tuesday / April 23

WWF Raw, broadcast last night on TNN from St Louis : Brock Lesnar d Matt Hardy by decision... HHH brawls with 'Taker.... HHH arrested; taken away... Goldust/ Booker T review The Scorpion King... Rob van Dam d Mr Perfect... Molly/ Jazz d Trish/ Jackie... Ric Flair apologizes to Steve Austin for blowing the call in last night's contender match... Goldust/ Booker T d Spike/ Buh Buh Dudley... Wm Regal d Shawn Stasiak... Bradshaw is found KO'd... WWF champion Hulk HOGan addresses St Louis... ME: Scott Hall/ X-Pac go to a No Contest with Steve Austin/ Big Show as Show chokeslams Austin and joins the nWo.

Wrestling Monday / April 22
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