WWE Raw, live last night from Atlanta, on TNN....Ric Flair and Raw GM Eric Bischoff set up tonight's ME... Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman call the action; Lilian Garcia, in red and blue, is the ring announcer... Chris Jericho d The Hurricane. After the match, Ric Flair attacks Hurricane and puts him in the Figure 4 Leglock... Rodney Mack, with Theodore Long, d a jobber who is never named. Mack is beginning a gimmick where he defeats a white wrestler within a 5 minute time period...The Coach introduces Lita, who is joined in the ring by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff propositions her, Lita refuses and leaves. Bischoff fires Lita... Test, with Stacy Keibler, and Scott Steiner d 3 Minute Warning, with Rico...Rock Concert 2 turns into an angle for the upcoming Rock-Goldberg ppv match, complete with Duane Gill as Gilberg... Trish Stratus and Spike Dudley go to a No Contest with The Dudley Boyz, who argue, with D-von playing the face and Bubba playing the heel. Rob van Dam and Kane make the save for Trish and Spike as Jazz enters the ring with Theodore Long to attack Trish... The Rock Concert, part 2 finds Goldberg attacking Rock, only to be hit repeatedly by a steel chair... The Coach and Jerry Lawler run down the lineup for WWE Backlash, coming up this weekend... ME: World Title- Booker T d champion HHH via DQ when referee Shawn Michaels is attacked by Evolution. After the match, Kevin Nash enters the ring, only to be attacked by HHH.

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