WWE Raw, from Seattle, broadcast last night on TNN... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia, in purple and black, is the ring announcer... Tonight is Rock Appreciation Night... GM Eric Bischoff reads Steve Austin's confidential medical info to him, then fires Austin due to being a liability with his injured neck... World Champion HHH, with Ric Flair, d The Hurricane...Scott Steiner d Chris Nowinski... Maven d Rosie... Chris Jericho and Booker T go to a No Contest after HHH and Flair attack Booker. Shawn Michaels aids Booker, only to be trapped by Jericho, HHH and Flair... Jeff Hardy, with Trish, d Steven Richards, with Victoria... Steve Austin is shown leaving the building... Kane/ RVD d The Dudleys and Chief Morley/ Lance Storm TO WIN THE WORLD TAG TITLES... The Rock cuts a heel promo, shows a self-promoting video, then threatens to quit the business. Goldberg debuts by answering Rock. He executes the spear, and leaves Rock lying in the ring.

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