Pro Wrestling Tuesday / April 19

WWE Raw, broadcast live last night from New York City on Spike TV....Jerry Lawler and The Coach call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.... Edge goes to a No Contest with Chris Benoit. WWE Raw GM Eric Bischoff calls for a Last Man Satnding match between the two @ WWE Backlash... Trish calls Lita out. Lita KO's Trish, and Kane enters the ring. Viscera makes the save for Trish... WWE World Tag Team champions Wm Regal and Tajiri d The Heart Throbs... Hulk Hogan makes the save for Shawn Michaels after Michaels is double teamed by Hassan and Daivari... Chris Masters demos the Master Lock... S Benjamin d Simon Dean... Vince McMahon announces a new lottery soon and the Raw ME for next week : Batista vs Christian... Jim Ross d HHH, with help from World Champion Batista.

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