Pro Wrestling Tuesday / April 12

WWE Raw, broadcast live on Spike TV, from The Mark in Moline, Ill... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action ; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer.... Christy Hemme/ Victoria d Trish Stratus/ Molly Holly. After the match, Kane chases Trish from the arena...HHH announces the ME for WWE Backlash as HHH vs Batista...HHH d Rosie/ Hurricane... Film airs from the Australian tour... Chris Masters d __ Richards ... Daivari d Shawn Michaels... Chris Jericho brawls with WWE IC champion Shelton Benjamin in the Highlght Reel... WWE Smackdown recap airs... Kane and Lita are shown together... Michaels asks Hulk Hogan to be his partner against Hassan and Divari @ WWE Backlash... Christian d Chris Benoit .... Jim Ross interviews WWE World Champion Batista. HHH interferes, is chased out of the ring by Batista, then announces the ME for next week from New York City : HHH vs Jim Ross.

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