Pro Wrestling Torch / Sat Jan 6

Thanks to Pro Wrestling Torch for the following: ...The "drop-dead" date for WCW to be sold is March 30. Brad Seigel's orders are to shut down the company if it isn't sold by then. The decision has come from the Turner organization within the past two weeks. Seigel reportedly believs his negotiations with an outside buyer have a "99%" chance of resulting in a sale..... Torrie Wilson is sitting at home without a contract. Sources say that she may be willing to accept a figure between the $150 K she is asking and the $75 K that WCW is offering her. She has asked the company to assume her travel expenses....Stacy Keibler is in the middle of a contract dispute, and is also at home. As Nitro Girl Skye, she made $300 per appearance. As Ms Hancock, WCW has been unwilling to raise that salary figure....Mark Madden will not have much to say about WCW until his paychecks stop coming at the end of Jan. The heat is on Craig Leathers to explain to Madden why he was dismissed....There is legit backstage heat between Terry Taylor and booker Johnny Ace.

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