Wrestling Thursday / September 12

WWE Taping results from Tue night in Minneapolis: Dark matches: Val Venis d Horace Hogan.. Lenny Lane/ Mark Jindrak d Bull Buchanan/ Doug Basham.... Velocity: D-Von d Shannon Moore.. Albert d Funaki.. Randy Orton d Kidman.. Hurricane/ Crash d Tajiri/ J Noble... Smackdown: Brock Lesnar d Hardcore Holly.. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero d Edge/ John Cena.. Kurt Angle d Rey Mysterio.. Chris Benoit d Rikishi by DQ.. The Wedding Angle saw Billy and Chuck stop the proceedings by announcing that neither of them is gay, and that it was a publicity stunt. The minister unmasks as Eric Bischoff, then signals the Island Boyz who, along with Rico, destroy Billy, Chuck and Stephanie Mc Mahon.. Torrie d Nidia.. ME: Matt Hardy d 'Taker by countout.

Wrestling Wednesday / September 11
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