Rob's Wrestling / Thu Oct 5

8:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Brian Pillman died three years ago today.... Eddie Guererro appeared on Telemundo's Esta Manana this morning, hyping the Spanish-language WWF Metal..... Bruce Hart's Stampede Wrestling has lost television clearance in Calgary..... Fortune Magazine's website has an extensive article on Vince Mc Mahon & the WWF..... WCW Halloween Havoc card is up in the satellite section.... Vampiro & wife Kitsu welcomed daughter Dasha into the world yesterday..... Cable ratings for the week of Sept 25 saw the WWF @ #'s 2 & 3, and WCW in @ # 8..... Chyna chats tonight on An unidentified person began a rumor on a Melbourne, Flo radio station that The Rock would be appearing @ Brevard Community College. The WWF is contemplating a lawsuit..... Stephanie co-hosts WWF HeAT this Sun night live from WWF NY..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: SCOOPS wrestling quotes Mandalay Sports' Jason Hervey as saying, " we don't have anything to do with the purchase of WCW." This could be a swerve, as sources within the entertainment industry have confirmed that TW is looking to rid the coorporation of WCW, and the only offer has come from Mandalay Sports. Time will tell. Meanwhile, Vince Russo once again refused to accompany the WCW stars on the trip to Australia. Television will be taped this week in the "land down under."..... The TORCH hotline reports that the identity of the "blond" person who ran down Steve Austin will be revealed this Mon night on WWF Raw on TNN.....WCW stars on Good Morning, Australia this past Tue morning. They posed for pictures with singer Helen Reddy.

Wednesday October 4