Rob's Wrestling / Thu Oct 19

8:00 PM ET UPDATE...... At least one well-known WCW wrestler has contacted an attorney with the fear that the WWF will force the boys to renegotiate their contracts downward....1998 POTY Karen McDougal has signed with WWFE, not as an XFL cheerleader.... Eddie Guererro out of WWF No Mercy with an injury....D-von Dudley & Tori on WWF Smackdown tonight from WWF NY....The Subway Series will be broadcast on the big screens @ WWF NY.... ECW has cancelled the Oct 27, Camden, NJ and Oct 28, Bethlehem, Pa shows..... Mark Madden, on ESPN Radio this morning, confirms the sale of WCW to the WWF..... The NWA has named its annual Board of Directors. Hoawrd Brody of NWA Flo returns as Pres. The Vice-Pres is Bill Behrens of NWA Georgia. Among the Directors is David Baucom of NWA Mid-Atlantic..... 3:00 AM ET UPDATE...... An independent group of investors has made repeated attempts over the past several months to discuss a purchase of WCW, and has not recieved the opportunity. The group is poised to take legal action....WCW employees and potential independent contracts have approached a law firm regarding possible antitrust issues.....Despite reports, the WWF has not purchased WCW as of this update. There appear to be some stumbling blocks between TW and the WWF. Among them: Time Warner wants WCW HDQ'd in Atlanta; the WWF move move operations elsewhere, TW wants a guarantee that 20% of non-wrestling personnell would be retained; the WWF has agreed to keep only 5% ; TW wants to immediately move Nitro to TBS; the WWF would make the move after 1 year. This deal, to create the WWFWCW, has many hurdles to clear before it is finalized........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........... Sid Vicious, signing autographs at a Super K in Detroit, claims that WCW will announce the done deal tomorrow..... Bubba The Love Sponge reported on his radio show yesterday morning that Vince Mc Mahon purchased WCW Tues night..... Will Federal Antitrust laws allow the WWF to purchase its competitor???..... Brad Seigel plans a meeting in his Atlanta office later this morning.... 60 new slot machines debuted yeasterday in casinos in Las Vegas. One of them is WCW-themed.....

Wednesday October 18