Rob's Wrestling / Thu Oct 12

8:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Mick Foley co-hosts WWF HeAT this Sun from WWF NY..... Speaking of Foley, the paperback version of Have A Nice Day is now on sale. It includes an updated version with 2 new chapters, leading into retirement..... Chyna tapes MAD TV on Fri Oct 20..... Michael Hayes in the house tonight @ WWF NY..... Juvie got his pink slip from WCW today..... WCW Thunder rating is up to 2.1 this week. Last week the number was 1.9..... ECW reports on the ECW-TNN break-up and strongly hints of an impending lawsuit..... Entertainment Tonight is looking at the celebrities attending the WWF Smackdown taping in Cal..... Vince Mc Mahon, speaking today in Hollywood, called for the entertainment industry to stand up to politicians...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... Goldberg suggested the streak angle, which is expected to peak around December. Look for Bill to face the WCW champion, possibly Scott Steiner, Sting or Booker T, at Starrcade..... Ken Shamrock is still months away from returning to the WWF, however, he will return to pro wrestling on Oct 21 in a charity show in Brockton, Mass.

Wednesday October 11