Rob's Wrestling / Thu Nov 30

12:00 AM ET UPDATE.... HHH is off of the upcoming UK ppv in Sheffield. The ME has been changed to a four-way for the WWF Title: Austin-Phatu-Angle-Rock...... Bret Hart bashed the WWF again in yesterday's New York Post..... January 2001 Playboy has excerpts from Goldberg's "I'm Next.".....TNN has signed a deal to begin telecasting Sun afternoon XFL..... Pro Wrestling Torch is erroneously reporting that Eric Bischoff is partnered with Columbia Tri-Star in efforts to purchase and to control WCW. 1 Wrestling's Bob Ryder quotes Bischoff as saying that he has not met with Brad Siegel about a buy-out..... Here's Hellena Heavenly.....

Wednesday November 29
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