Rob's Wrestling / Thu Nov 23

6:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Sting will be out of action for 3-6 months due to elbow surgery.....In a change, sources indicate that Mayem this Sun may be a legit sellout for WCW..... Bringing back the ladies, here are 104 pix of Torrie.... 2:00 PM ET UPDATE........ Billboard's Top 10 Videos For the week has the WWF @ #'s 1,2,3,5,7 & 8.....ECW @ #'s 4 and 6....and FMW @ # 10........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Happy Thanksgiving Day to those of you in the States....and a special hi to someone in Lakeland, Flo who has discovered David Roberson. com.....The Rock will appear on NBC's DAG on Nov 28....WCW announcers are pushing an appearance by Goldberg on Regis tomorrow ( Fri ) morning.....Lance Storm tore tissue on the left side of his ribs during a pre-match warmup for Thunder. He did miss the taping, however, he is not expected to miss this weekend's WCW Mayhem.....According to hubby Marc, Rena Mero will be featured on Inside Edition and Extra in the next few days.....Chris Jericho's FOZZY Movie will debut on MTV very soon..... In an interview, Vince Mc Mahon compliments the folks at Turner Broacasting and faults Viacom for the fallout of his deal to purchase WCW. It seems that the original asking price quoted by Viacom increased "astronomically," making the deal impossible for Mc Mahon to ink.

Wednesday November 22