Pro Wrestling Thursday / March 30

WWE taped for television in Kansas City ... WWE VELOCITY .. Scotty 2 Hotty d Sean O'Haire .. The Gyminis d P London/ B Kendrick .. Orlando Jordan d Ace Steel .. Big Vito d Funaki ... WWE SMACKDOWN ... Chris Benoit d Road Warrior Animal .. JBL d David Cross .. Paul Burchill d Booker T .. Bobby Lashley/ Matt Hardy/ Tatanka d MNM/ Fit Finlay .. Super Crazy/ Psicosis d Jamie Noble/ Kid Kash ... Kurt Angle d Rey Mysterio.... TNA taped iMPACT !! for television in Orlando, Fl ... To Air on Apr 1 ...America's Most Wanted d The James Gang ... Samoa Joe d Alex Shelley/ Chris Sabin/ Sonjay Dutt .. To Air on Apr 8 ... Abyss goes to a No Contest with AJ Styles ... Konan goes to a No Contest with The Bullet ... Diamonds in the Rough vs Shark Boy and Norman Smiley never begins as Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and AMW attack ... Alex Shelley d Roderick Strong/ Chase Stevens... Sting makes an appearance ... TNA XPLOSION ... Team Canada d Jay Lethal / Cassidy Reilly ... Shark Boy/ Chase Stevens d Diamonds in the Rough.

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Pro Wrestling Tuesday / March 28
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