Wrestling Thursday / March 21

Tonight on WWF Smackdown, taped Tue night : Booker T d Edge... Lita/ Trish d Ivory/ Jazz... Wm Regal d D D Page TO WIN THE WWF EUROPEAN TITLE... Stephanie announces that the WWF Title match next Mon night on Raw will now be a triple-threat match : HHH vs Jericho vs Stephanie...Test d Tajiri (w/ Torrie)... Hurricane goes to a No Contest with Mighty Molly as Brock Lesnar enters the ring... Chuck and Billy, with the Stylist ( Rico Constantino ) d The Hardys... The Rock d Kevin Nash by DQ... The show ends with the nWo team of Scott Hall, Nash and X-Pac painting the back of Hulk HOGan, who comes to the ring to help Rock.

Wrestling Wednesday / March 20
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