Wrestling Daily / Thu Mar 1

WWF: The Music Vol 5 debuts today on the Billboard charts @ # 2..... This Sun night on WWF Heat: J Credible d GM Sexay. D Malenko d Funaki. C Jericho d Saturn. Test d Raven..... Tonight on WWF Smackdown: Lita/ M Hardy d Molly/ Crash. C Benoit d X-Pac. The Rock d Wm Regal by DQ. APA - RTC brawl. 'Taker/ Kane/ D-Von d Christian/ Phatu/ Haku. ME: S Austin d K Angle by DQ..... XFL VP of sales Bob Riordan has left the WWFE to take a similar position with the College Television Network..... Chris Jericho is set for AOL chat on Mar 7 @ 8:00 PM ET..... The WWF customized Rock T-shirts for Tucson misspelled the city, writing it as "Tuscon."

Today's Babe : Terri
Wednesday February 28
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