Sky Sports in the U.K. will replace the Chris Benoit tribute show with a 2-hour Raw Greatest Championships program... Fayette Ga D.A. Ballard now believes that Daniel Benoit died from a chokehold...Benoit's physician Dr. Phil Astin met with him the day of the murder, and prescribed testosterone to Benoit because of a low count being produced by his body... Nancy Benoit spoke with Astin the day before her murder to try and gain information about how to treat her son. According to WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, Daniel Benoit was suffering from Fragile X, an inherited mental impairment that causes autistic-like symptoms. In addition, Nancy Benoit had recently undergone neck surgery... Vince McMahon, appearing this morning on NBC's Today Show, said that "it was an act of deliberation...there was no indication whatsoever that this person turned into a monster and do what he did..." The office of Dr. Astin was raided last night by the authorities, seeking all medical records relating to Chris... Linda McMahon was on Good Morning America, attempting to shift the focus toward Daniel's illness, which, she alleges, the company knew nothing about... At the WWE Shop in Niagra Falls, all Benoit merchandise has been taken out of stock. (CREDIT - THE WRESTLING OBSERVER) - POSTED THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2007 @ 7:00 PM ET.

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Chris Benoit Update : Wednesday June 27 / 8:00 AM ET
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