Wrestling Thursday / June 28

Tonight on WWF Smackdown, taped Tues night in New York : Linda & Vince Mc Mahon argue in mid-ring, then agree to set up cross-promotional matches and re-name the next ppv WWF Invasion... Edge/ Christian defeat Blly Gunn/ X-Pac.... Sarah talks... Albert defeats Kane TO WIN THE WWF IC TITLE... The Dudley Boyz and The Hardyz go to a No Contest when WCW's Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire interfere... Spike/ Molly defeat Crash/ Jackie... Torrie Wilson talks with Vince... The Big Show hits on Trish...The Big Show defeats Saturn..Scotty 2 Hotty/ Chris Jericho defeat Tajiri/ Wm Regal...In the ME, Steve Austin and Tazz go to a No Contest when WCW champion Booker T interferes.... Booker & Shane Mc Mahon speed away in the WCW limo.

Wrestling Wednesday / June 27
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