Rob's Wrestling Daily / Thu Jan 4

7:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Kurt Angle soon on That 70's Show. His brother Eric is in Ohio Valley, in training for the WWF.....The WWF is releasing 8 new replica belts in March, including the Smoking Skull Belt....Mark Madden will team with journalist Tom Monteleone to pen the bio of The Nature Boy.....The WWF has launched, to answer questons and offer information. The debut entries feature parents Terri Runnels and Mick Foley....Fab Moolah underwent double bypass surgery in Nov and is now battling viral pneumonia.....WCW Thunder last night posted a 1.8 rating....The Women of Wrestling ppv on Feb 4 features a title match between Terri Gold and Danger, and the first-ever women's cage match with Selina and Thug. The ME is a four-way hair match, with one lady being shaved bald..... Ads in New Zealand have TGGOAW, H HOG-an pushing WCW Sin.....Central New York's UPN affiliate is going to the WB, which will leave the Syracuse area without WWF Smackdown........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE..... Have You Met Precious Lucy ?? ...... A & E's Behind Closed Doors takes a look @ WCW next Thu night, Jan 11, @ 9 PM ET....Internet reports have Eric Bischoff close to, or perhaps, having closed the WCW deal. An announcement of sorts could be made on the Jan 15 Nitro.....The Dec 19 WWF Smackdown tapings in Charlotte drew 12,217. The WWF Raw tapings in Chattanooga on 12/22 drew 7,223 and the WWF Smackdown tapings in Nashville on 12/23 drew 10,805.....XFL pre-season camps are underway in Las Vegas and Orlando.....Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a puff piece on Mark Madden, recently released from WCW.....The Women of Wrestling have set their first ppv, Unleashed, for Sun Feb 4. There's a swimsuit competition, and a hair match. For details, Go to the WOW website.

Wednesday January 3
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