Rob's Wrestling Daily / Thu Jan 25

8:00 PM ET UPDATE...... The Ft Lauderdale teenager accused of killing his 6 year old friend using a wrestling manuever has been convicted and faces life in prison.... An Indianapolis physician, Dr Joel Hackett, has been charged with 48 criminal counts related to the death of Brian Pillman and two other wrestlers. He has been implicated in the death of a fourth, Louie Spicolli..... Claymation Chyna on UPN's Gary and Mike tomorrow night..... TNN trimming its staff by 35 % and moving its HDQs to New York..... Mike Modest and Chris Daniels have signed with WCW...... NAPTE wrapped up a four-day convention today in Las Vegas. Ivory and Tazz represented the WWF..... WCW Thunder last night did a 2.2..... WCW's new owners, Fusient, will not sign talent with pending lawsuits against Time-Warner. Hollywood HOG-an falls into that category. He may drop the lawsuit in order to return to the new WCW...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Here's Malia.... The first week of Nitro-Raw head-to-head in the UK showed these numbers: WWF Raw: 420,000 viewers; WCW Nitro: 40,000 viewers..... WCW will continue to pay Vince Russo to stay at home, as Eric Bischoff does not want him back. Russo has 8 months remaining on his contract.....The Rock will haul down $ 5 million for his role in The Scorpion King..... "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels felt numbness after his match with Mike Modest on Nitro.... WCW Power Plant is the subject of "Behind Closed Doors," with Joan Lunden to air on A & E on Feb 1.......WWF double tapes in DC on Mar 5 and Mar 6.

Wednesday January 24
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