Wrestling Thursday / January 24

Tonight on WWF Smackdown, taped on Tues night in N Charleston, SC: Rob Van Dam d Wm Regal... Rikishi d The Bossman... Stephanie chats with Lillian... Tazz/ Spike d Scoty 2 Hotty/ Albert... The Stephanie / HHH divorce angle furthers... Coach interviews The Rock... Steve Austin d Booker T... Sharmel talks with Ric Flair... The Dudleys d Kane/ Big Show... Coach talks with Kurt Angle... Trish d Jazz by DQ... Kurt Angle d The Rock... Vince convinces himself that Ric Flair is a cancer on the WWF and that he should destroy the WWF, which he sees as his creation, rather than have it die under Flair's leadership. There is a strong hint of the return of the nWo... Flair/ Austin confront Angle/ Booker T to end the program. (Reports say that this angle was done after the taping, for N Charleston).

Wrestling Wednesday / January 23
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