Rob's Wrestling Daily / Thu Jan 18

7:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Look for Mick Foley to return @ the WWF Royal Rumble....Sid Vicious has been released from Indianapolis Methodist Hospital, sporting a cast. Early estimates give him a 6 month recovery period.....Tazz appeared today on MTV as the "VJ For A Day".....Harley Race is doing guest referee spots for his World League Wrestling promotion this weekend. Speaking of Race, WLW had a ring and truck stolen from the parking lot in Eldon, Mo on Fri night, Dec 29. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to recovery. No shows were cancelled.....A 2.2 rating for Thunder last night.....The Big Show has served his time in Ohio Valley, lost weight, and will soon return to the WWF.....Rob van Dam challenges Christopher Daniels for the UPW Title on California Collision on Jan 31.....TGGOAW Hollywood HOG-an apeared on Bubba The Love Sponge again this morning from Tampa. He claims that he will be joining Metallica as a bass player on a few of their upcoming tour stops.......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Let's Visit With Chyna.... Al Snow will fulfill his wrestling commitments despite the neck pain and broken knuckle from the accident this past weekend. Snow visited the other 3 persons involved, all in the hospital. He carried gifts to the 2 seventeen year-olds and 1 sixteen year-old, and wished them well. Snow's truck was totalled when a car, driven by one of the seventeen year-olds, crossed the median and plowed into it..... The original 5 Nitro Girls met to celebrate the sale of WCW recently by having dinner WWFNY.....WCW Women will appear on the Oxygen channel today on "Pure Oxygen."...... BET has removed all references of Urban Wrestling from its programming schedule and website..... Women of Wrestling has increased the performance of its time periods in 67% of its telecasts over the previous year.

Wednesday January 17
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