Rob's Wrestling Daily / Thu Feb 8

6:00 PM ET UPDATE...... The opening XFL game on NBC doubled the network's ratings for Sat night.... WCW Thunder down to a 2.0 last night with hours of 2.0 and 1.9.... The Rock's "Mummy Returns" release date has been moved to May 4..... Randy Savage will be featured on the WB's Nikki this Sun night..... WCW's final sale date to Fusient will be Feb 28 ......The current Sports Illustrated features a cover analysis of the XFL and an inside look at Backyard Wrestling, neither of which cover any new ground....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Today's Babe is Dawn Marie.... Lance Storm is expected to win the WCW commissionership @ Superbrawl Revenge..... Look for The Rock to win the WWF strap from Kurt Angle this month to set up a ME of Rock vs Austin For W X-7. It's's true.... Unexplainedly, WCW stars have received airline tix for the proposed "dark" period following Superbrawl Revenge.

Wednesday February 7
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