Rob's Wrestling Daily / Thu Feb 1

4:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Eric Bischoff fussed @ the talent @ Nitro Mon night, telling some to lose weight and others to up the level of performance..... Johnny Ace, brother of Road Warrior Animal, is the head booker @ WCW..... XFL action kicks off this weekend w/ 2 games on Sat and 2 games on Sun. Two of the four will be broadcast.... Chyna pushed her book on NBC's Conan last night..... Ohio Valley Wrestling last night in Louisville: Big Show d Mark Henry. Hardys/Lita d Disciples of Synn. Nick Dinsmore d Chris Benoit by DQ. Kane d Leviathan. Steve Austin did an in-ring interview.... If neither WCW nor the WWF make him an offer, expct Rob Van Dam to concentrate on his acting career.... UPW last night in Costa Mesa featured Christopher Daniels vs Rob Van Dam..... Jersey All Pro Fri and Sat nights has Sandman and New Jack......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Let's check out the Women of Wrestling, who have their debut ppv this Sun..... Bryan Clark caught a nasty chairshot Mon night @ the Thunder tapings which has left him with headaches. He is scheduled for a CAT scan today..... Surveys show that Dusty Rhodes biggest audience for his Nitro run-in Mon night was women, ages 18-34. The numbers increased 18 %..... Lance Storm is penning his life story..... Shawn Michaels has closed his wrestling school, fueling rumors that he will return to the WWF.

Wednesday January 31
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