Wrestling Daily / Thu Feb 15

The conference call this morning concerning the WWF revealed that startup costs for the XFL attributed to a 25 % drop in revenue during the third quarter, ending in January. The XFL startup cost was $ 7 million..... 59,300 tix have been sold for WM X-7. That's around 7,000 shy of the Astrodome record of 65,943. Only $15 seats remain..... ECW's Yoshahiro Tajiri is in the WWF..... WCW Thunder crawled to a 1.9 last night..... New York Daily News interview with Chyna reveals that she has broken the relationship with HHH....... The XFL more than quadrupled TNN's Sun afternoon viewing audience this past weekend..... Molson Export has signed a muti-year deal with WWF Canada, givivng them exclusive sponsorship rights..... The Rock was set to enter the world of NASCAR, with a press conference to be held @ Concord Mills. Vince Mc Mahon stepped in @ the last moment and the deal was off, due to the WWF not allowing a likeness or trademark sharing of The Rock's name.

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Wednesday February 14
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