Rob's Wrestling / Thu Dec 7

7:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Brad Siegle has called a meeting of the WCW department heads for tomorow morning. Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that he has agreed to sell WCW to an Eric Bischoff- led investor group....UPN is close to dealing with WWFE and Viacom, producers of "Manhunt".....The WWF is releasing a record label to be known as Smackdown.....The WCW injury list includes Sting (elbow), Booker T (knee), Gen Rection (knee), Mike Awesome (shoulder) and Lance Storm (rib).... Jim Ross reports that the WWF is interested in talking with Rob Vandam and Jerry Lynn.... Charges against the British Bulldog in the case of alledged abuse against his ex-wife and her sister have been dropped.... WCW Thunder last night did a 2.3....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Time to visit Rob's Favorite Nitro Girl.... The Backstreet Boys are returning to Charlotte on Fri Jan 26, the third stop on their Black and Blue tour....Tonight on WWF Smackdown, taped Tues night in NYC's MSG: RTC d Chyna/ B Gunn. Molly d Trish by DQ. Jericho/ Hardcore Holly d Wm Regal/ Kane. Road Dogg/ K Kwik d Edge/ Christian. The Dudleys join RTC..then turn the TABLES on them. ME: Austin d Rock/ 'Taker/ Angle.......WWF Heat this Sun: Benoit d Blackman. Tazz d Cras Holly. Lowdown d 2 Cool. Saturn d Taka.

Wednesday December 6
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