Rob's Wrestling Daily / Thu Dec 21

1:00 PM ET UPDATE...... The USA Network will win the 2000 cable ratings war with an average viewership of 2.1. TBS placed second with 1.9..... Marcus Bagwell has been found guilty of assault in the May case invloving himself and a WCW worker. Bagwell, who was not present in the Ill. court room, instructed his lawyer to enter a plea of guilty. Bagwell was given a one-year probation, fined $500 plus costs, and ordered to perform 20 hours of community service at children's hospitals..... The U.K.'s channel 5 has dropped WCW Worldwide due to sagging ratings, to replace it with Battle Dome. WCW fans in the UK are left with Nitro, which airs on Thurs @ 10 pm on Bravo.... UPW last night featured The Hardys and Lita in the ME with Rob Van Dam as special ring announcer...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Looking At Trish, courtesy of Pro Wrestling.... and, speaking of Trish, she's autographing calendars on her website, Trish Stratus Com.... Look for Shane Mc Mahon to side with his mother and return to fight with daddy for control of the company.....Eric Bischoff is making arrangemants for taping in Orlando, not Las Vegas, should he decide to purchase WCW..... Road Dogg has been suspended, or has been granted extended leave from the WWF, depending upon who you wish to believe..... WWF Raw from Greenville, SC drew 11,596. WWF Smackdown in Charlotte drew 12,217...Both are considered sell-outs.....Tazz hosts the WWF Smackdown party tonight from WWF NY..... Sid Eudy has officially bailed out of WCW ...again. This time, it was not to play softball, but rather to protest the plans for his character..... Here's the Official Women of Wrestling website.

Wednesday December 20
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