Rob's Wrestling / Sun Oct 8

4:00 PM ET UPDATE: Multichannel News claims the WWFE and Mandalay Bay Sports are both looking to purchase WCW. WWFE obtained the rights to match any purchase offer for WCW earlier this year with TBS over copyright-infringement claims. Sources say that a deal with Mandalay is done, and that the only hold-up is whether or not programming will stay on TBS..... The Sun Oct 8 Daily Mail details the Juvi incident: He began screaming at Disco in the lobby of the Marriott, then began to disrobe. Several police officers and WCW wrestlers were unable to detain him; pepper spray was used. He was charged with 3 counts of assault, disorderly conduct, obstructing police and posession...of ECSTASY. He has a court date tomorrow morning..... Nitro Girls Chae, Baby and Starr @ Sports Central in Sydney yesterday...... 11:00 AM ET UPDATE: ECW taped for TNN last night in Milwaukee: B Wesley d. Michael Shane. York/Matthews d. Diamond/Chetti. Rhino d. Prodigy. FBI d. Doring/Roadkill. Mahoney NC Tajiri. Kash/Sandman d. Hamrick/Dinero. Lynn d. Corino & CW Anderson. New Jack d. J Credible. ME: Rob Vandam d. EZ Money..... Mick Foley will announce Steve Austin's assailant this Mon night on WWF Raw.....Paul Wight has shaved his head and is working for Jim Cornette in Ohio Valley. Wight you may remember as The Big Show.....The WWF has contacted Olympic wrestler Rulan Gardner about doing a television spot with Kurt Angle.....ECW on TNN this past Fri did a 0.7.....A question has been asked about the similarities and differences in WWF and WCW rings. They both use the same type of spring, but the set-up differs. The ropes are tighter in WCW; the mat is softer in the WWF..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE.......... Further reports on Juvie have him involved in an altercation, where he was stripped. He remains incarcerated as the WCW tour continues..... Local programming note: WTWB, ch. 20, now running WWF Jakked and Metal back-to-back Sat nights @ 10 pm ET....WSLS TV 10 in Roanoke begins the syndicated WCW Worldwide tonight.... The Nikki Cox sitcom, NIKKI, which revolves around marriage to a pro wrestler, begins tonight on the WB. In future weeks, you will recognize Kevin Nash, among others, on the show.....Olivia Walker, the wife of Johnny "Mr. Wrestling 2" Walker, passed away last Mon. Mrs. Walker was the person behind the custom-made robes of Ric Flair, Tommy Rich, Greg Valentine and Buddy Landell.....Tomorrow night on WCW Nitro, taped from Australia: Elix Skipper d Rey, Jr. Jindrak/O'Hire d Disco/Alex Wright. Tygress d Torrie. Sting-Jarrett brawl. Booker T / The Cat d. Sanders/Nash. Goldberg d. Big Vito. Awesome d. D Flair. Lance Storm d. Konan. ME: Sting d. Scott Steiner.

Saturday October 7