Rob's Wrestling / Sun Oct 15

5:00 PM ET UPDATE........ The WWF and the Harts have NOT settled the Owen lawsuit ; things may get ugly... Rocky Johnson, father of The Rock, has been implicated in a sex scandal in Miami. Among the accusations: improper conduct in his job as activities leader of a Community Center..... New England Championship Wrestling in Wethersfield, Conn last night featued Bob Backlund and Joel Gertner..... Beyond The Mat now airing on ppv..... The NWA 52nd Anniversary show drew 360 to the Nashville Fairgrounds last night. Strawberry d Leilani Kai to retain the NWA Ladies Title ; Mike Rapada d Chris Harris to retain the NWA Heavyweight Title....... 12:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Fortune Magazine reports that WCW will lose over $ 80 milion this year..... Steve Austin returned to WWF house shows last night with a STUNNING appearace in St Louis. Sir William Regal was the recipient..... The WWF has hired a former BMG Records exec to head up Smackdown Records.... Indy tag team The Haas Brothers has signed with he WWF..... If Vince Russo is fired from WCW, he has a clause in his contract which guarantees him a year's salary..... Kevin Nash, on Australian A Current Affair, is quoted as saying that " the only 2 things real in this business are the travel miles and the money."..... XFL launches on Sun, Feb 3, 2001 with Chicago @ Orlando....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........... World Wrestling Promotions in Winston-Salem, NC last night: Atomic Freddy d The Sniper, Alan Rage d Larry Isley, Fly White Guy d Smoke, Rob Mc Bride (w/ Persuasion) NC Mike Masters, Dave Magnum d Razz to WIN THE CABLE TV TITLE, Mental Disorders NC Sudden Impact. WWP returns to Winston-Salem on Nov 4 & 25, and to High Point, N.C. on Nov 11. The cable access show on Winston-Salem TW resumes on Oct 24 @ 8 pm ET....

Saturday October 14