Rob's Wrestling / Sun Nov 5

5:00 PM ET UPDATE........ The WWF is suing the manufacturer of the rigging which failed during Owen Hart's entrance into the ring last year. The Hart famly settled with the WWF for $18 million..... Pamela Paulshock has been released from WCW. Rumored to be cut next are Torrie Wilson.... :(....and Bobby Heenan.... The WWF buyout of WCW is on hold, as Time- Warner has taken notice of the ratings rise of the last two weeks.....WWF superstars on the nation's radio airaves tomorrow with a last minute push for the Smackdown vote campaign..... Steve Austin will grace the cover of Life mag soon......Today's editions of the Toronto Star include a profile of the WWF....World Wrestling Promotions returns to Winston-Salem, NC on Sat Nov 25 for the annual Thanksgiving show @ the VFW....... 7:00 AM ET UPDATE........... Complete results of ECW November 2 Remember can be found here tonight in the Satellite Secton, begnning around 8:30 ET..... The Rock is scheduled to shoot Scorpion King, knocking him off of WWF house shows in Nov & Dec.... Miss Delicious, aka Mandy, has ben released from the WWF..... D D Page, Rick Steiner, The Cat and Buffy Bagwell recently on Battle Dome to set up the interpromotional gimmick. Scott Steiner's valet Midajah is married to one of the Battle Dome warriors.....Goldberg vs Bam Bam Bigelow this Mon night on WCW Nitro.....Scott Steiner vs Booker T for the WCW Title @ the WCW German ppv, "Millenium Final."

Saturday November 4