Rob's Wrestling / Sun Nov 26

12:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Samoan Afa stars in the upcoming film, "Spirit," about a young girl who meets the stars of the WWF.....The next UK WWF satellite show is scheduled for May 5, from London's Earl's Court Arena...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Complete Results of WCW Mayhem tonight here @ David Roberson. com...... I've found a few pix of the lovely Dawn Marie..... WCW will brng back the Harris Brothers as bodyguards for Jeff Jarrett in his upcoming feud with Ric Flair..... Some are of the opinion that the WWF "secret page" is actually a default set-up for a yet-to-be released webage. ..... Jimmy Hart vs. Mancow as the dark opener tonight @ WCW Mayhem was designed and pushed locally to sell tix. As of press time this morning, only 2,300 tix had been sold for the ppv..... Lita required 4 stitches above her eye last weekend @ WWF Survivor. She caught a nasty boot from Trish and was opened up..... ECW now has national exposure in the form of a video of the week on USA's ECW and Farmclub have started a campaign to get Extreme Wrestling back on the air..... The XFL has contacted Dusty Rhodes' daughter. She was once a cheerleader.

Saturday November 25