Rob's Wrestling / Sun Nov 19

6:00 PM ET UPDATE........... Complete results of WWF Survivor are here tonight @ DR .com..... Impact Pro Wrestling in Wilson, N.C. has folded.....The New Dimension website can be found @ Rob's Wrestling Calendar updated this afternoon, now with 100-plus dates through October, 2001....... 2:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Mike Mooneyham, in his column today, looks @ 24 year-old Stephanie Mc Mahon as an entrepreneur......Cowboy Stan Hansen set to retire on the Jan 28 Tokyo Dome show. Hansen suffers from chronic back pain.....WCW may soon undergo a name change, similar to the change from the NWA to WCW ten years ago.....Chris Chetti debuts for the WWF on Dec 4 @ the NJ has an autographed top worn by Trish Stratus..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... Complete results of WWF Survivor Series here @ David Roberson .com tonight, beginning at around 8:30 ET.....MSG Net has ECW scheduled for 2 AM ET today, not 1 AM....Air Mc Mahon. That's the moniker for the new jet airliner purchased by the WWF being used to fly the execs from city to city....Insiders say that the WCW's Brad Seigel, after talking with the Mc Mahons, has decided to compete with them instead of selling out to them.....Scott Hall vs Justin Credible is being looked at for the next ECW ppv, on Dec 3..... RobVanDam . com puts an end to the rumors about jumping from ECW to the WWF.....The Flo-based Future of Wrestling promotion got some airtime this past Thu on The People's Court as a referee was accused of stealing the group's 4 Championship belts.....Gary Michael Capetta, former WCW ring announcer, has an interesting story to tell about Ric Flair's 40th birthday party. Capetta's bio is available @ 1-866- Bodyslams.

Saturday November 18