Rob's Wrestling / Sun Nov 12

2:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Scott Hall was predominant @ the ECW Hardcore TV tapings last night. Hall is said to be fitting in well with the ECW mix..... WWF last night in Cincy: Austin/'Taker d Kane/Angle. Dudleys d T & A . Angle d Jericho..... WCW yesterday in the UK: Booker T d Scott Steiner. Goldberg d Luger...... 1:00 AM ET UPDATE.......... Another crowd of over 100 people for the finale of Steel Magnolias tonight ; over 400 people saw the show over its three-day run..... Vince Russo is gone, and WCW is for sale..... WWF Survivor looks like this: Angle vs. 'Taker for the WWF Title, Rock vs. Phatu, and Austin vs HHH.

Saturday November 11