Rob's Wrestling Daily / Sun Jan 28

2:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Jusin Credible will be teamed with X-Pac whenever he debuts for the WWF. Speaking of X-Pac, he makes his return this Fri night @ the Raleigh, N.C. house show.....ECW's Yoshihiro Tajiri has signed a leter of intent with the WWF....Slowly but surely, the ECW talent roster is leaving.....Kurt Angle is writing an autobiography.....Booker T, out since Nov with a knee injury, returns to WCW in Mar.......It was Austin/Rock/'Taker/Kane over HHH/Phatu/Benoit/Haku in the ME as the WWF sold out New York's MSG last night.......Uliuli Fafita must be having a wonderful month. We know Fafita as MENG, or HAKU. To go from WCW Hardcore champ, wrestling in front of empty houses one week to main eventing in MSG the next, must be exciting. There are sources who say that Mc Mahon is rewarding Fafita while simultaneously tormenting Eric Bischoff.......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Rob's Favorite Nitro Girl, For Sure.... NWA Florida returns to Tampa on Feb 20 with Mike Rapada and Steve Corino in the ME.... Larry Zbyskzo is up for another interview with the WWF for an announcing position.... Bobby Heenan is set to work the upcoming WOW ppv.... The Urban Wrestling League is headed to BET, when a contract can be signed..... Tommy Dreamer is in on the weekends for the IWA in Puerto Rico..... ECW workers are now 10 weeks behind in pay.... There is no site set for the scheduled Living Dangerously ppv for ECW on Feb 11..... The incident last week where Scott Steiner kicked the NC EMT @ Nitro was edited off of TV..... The WWF's Steven Regal is having acute neck and back problems..... There are only 2 WWF ppv's during the inaugural XFL season....XFL action starts next Sat, Feb 3...... The WWF has made an offer to ECW's Rhino, who is exercising a wait-and-see attitude..... Many internet sites have symbolically declared ECW dead.....Paul Heyman controls that decision...... The WWF sold out NYC's MSG last night for a take of over $ 500,000..... The WWF shows for next weekend in NC are selling slow..... Rob's in the house next Sat night for the WWF show in Greensboro...Fourth-row seats....complete results next Sat night....late.

Saturday January 27
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