Rob's Wrestling Daily / Sun Jan 21

12:00 PM ET UPDATE...... WWF Survivor 2000 and Armageddon are now availabe @ The Music Vol 5 is also up for pre-order....Look for WCW to create a new Cruiser Tag division....WWF NY is running a dinner contest through Feb 8. The winner will receive a dinner date with either Chyna or HBK.....Golderg has 2 years left on his WCW contract. He also has a shoulder which has been hurting for awhle, and may use his time off to have surgery...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Sun, Sand and Surf With Torrie..... If you have problems seeing the picture, try this one.... Complete results of the WWF Royal Rumble begin tonight at around 8:30 ET Here.... Donald Sellers, wide receiver for the XFL Outlaws, has been indicted on 9 counts of sexual misconduct..... According to Dave @ The Wrestling Observer, look for WCW to shut down for 2-3 weeks after the Feb ppv. There will be a massive promo campaign for the New WCW to entice viewers back. The current look will undergo a total change; other differences will be more subtle and increase with time.

Saturday January 20
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