Rob's Wrestling Daily / Sun Jan 14

5:00 PM ET UPDATE..... 4,000 seats remain for the WWF Royal Rumble, including some in Ringside @ $300..... The Times of India in Bombay carried news about the sale of WCW from the AP newswires...... DD Page, in an e-mail to the press, has 2 words regarding the WCW sale: "thank God."..... Trish Stratus tonight from WWF NY on Heat..... ECW had three major television outlets. One, MSG, has dropped the show. Another, in Chicago, is airing repeat shows. The third, channel 48 in Philadelphia, did not air the promotion lst night in its regular time slot of 9:00..... Austin/'Taker d Kane/Phatu last night in the WWF ME in Detroit........ 12:00 PM ET UPDATE..... A very emotional night last night in Pine Bluff, Ark @ what could have been the final ECW show. At the end, the wrestlers brought trash cans of beer to the ring. Everyone hugged, cried, and shared beer in the ring. Backstage, there were goodbyes and people wishing each other well. Results: Shane d Oz. Prodigy d Phoenix. York/Matthews d FBI. Victory d Anderson. Tajiri d Crazzy. Rhino d Spike. Doring/Dreamer d Hot Commodity. Credible d Sandman, and in an improptu ME, Sandman d Credible......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Women of Wrestling champion Terri Gold has opened her personal website........ In interviews, whenever asked, Eric Bischoff has put over Ric Flair and says that he will have a position in the new WCW.....Scott Norton may sue WCW over taking a booking fee from some of his New Japan commitments....The Jan 23 National Enquirer features 30 pages dedicated to pro wrestling.....The Fabulous Moolah guests on WB's Nikki tonight.....'Taker's move from Tampa to Texas includes buying a ranch near Houston. This further fuels the rumors of him trimming back his in-ring schedule.....Complete coverage of WCW Sin begins tonight Here.... at Wrestling Bodyslam around 8:30 ET...... All Japan has booked Sabu and Rob Van Dam for its Feb/Mar Excite Series tour..... WWF Smackdown has been off the air in Orlando for the past two weeks due to the NBA Magic.... The Fusient . com site features a new WCW logo.

Saturday January 13
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