Rob's Wrestling Daily / Sun Feb 4

1:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Rob's Greensboro report is up on 1 Wrestling and The Wrestling Observer..... Vince Mc Mahon stood alone on the 50-yard line in Sam Boyd Stadium last night and said, "We welcome you to our game." Debut scores saw Las Vegas over New York/New Jersey 19-0 and Orlando by 4 over Chicago, 33-29. Opening night crowd for the NBC-telecast in Vegas was 30,389....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... The Women of Wrestling debut on PPV tonight.... Click here for the results.... Chyna will be the host @ WWF NY tomorrow night.... Jim Ross, on Friday: "...lots of former employees of the Federation and other organizations sure are trying to catch on with the Federation. Some of them have absolutely no chance....of earning a living with the company." .....WWF in Greensboro last night: X Pac d Venis. Kwik d Raven. Crash d Kwik. Raven d Crash. Ivory d Molly. B Gunn d Albert. Hardys d Edge/ Christian. Angle d Benoit. Blackman d Bossman. Dudleys d RTC. Big Show d H Holly. 'Taker/ Rock/ Kane d HHH/ Haku/ Phatu.

Saturday February 3
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