Wrestling Sunday / December 22

WWE taped for television in Oklahoma City... Dark Matches: Hutch d Brandon Cruz... S Richards d J Hardy... WWE Heat: Maven d Jimmy Valentino... Raven d Tommy Dreamer... Johnny Stamboli d Roach.. WWE Raw: Kane/ RVD d 3 Minute Warning... Royal Rumble facts: 15 guys from Raw will compete against 15 guys from Smackdown. The winner will face his division's champion... Hurricane d Nowinski.. Batista, with Ric Flair, d Spike Dudley... Trish/ Stacy/ Jacqueline d Molly/ Victoria/ Ivory... Booker T/ Goldust d Chris Jericho/ Christian to retain the tag titles... Test d D-Lo Brown.. Scott Steiner d HHH in arm wrestling... ME: Jim Ross/ Jerry Lawler d Wm Regal/ Lance Storm.

Wrestling Saturday / December 21
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