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3:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Some site changes going on today which should help to improve readability and navigation: Within 24-48 hours, those of you who look to David Roberson . Com for the wrestling, will be able to access the site at Wrestling Bodyslam . Com... This way, the personal site and the wrestling site can be maintained separately. Also, it welcomes new navigators with the Wrestling Bodyslam . Com name...... Mexican legend Blue Demon has passed away, according to Dave @ Wrestling No details are known.....ECW wrestlers were paid @ the Fri show in Queens; they are now 7 weeks behind in pay.....Lita pix and an interview in an upcoming issue of Teen People....According to Wrestlepages, Stacy Kiebler, aka Miss Hancock, was spotted in a Baltimore club this past Fri night, bellydancing.....The McMahon's divorce ANGLE will heat up over the next few weeks, with the discovery of the other woman...... Lodi taped an episode of Jenny Jones this past Thurs...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... Complete Results of WCW Starrcade can be found here tonight in the SATELLITE section, beginning at around 8:30 ET..... New Photos Are Up On The WWF Holiday schedule has them taping 4 shows in 7 days. Mon and Tues the crew is in S.C. ; Fri and Sat, they are in Tenn. The regular schedule resumes on Dec 28 with house shows in Tulsa and Amarillo..... Add Trish Stratus and PMOY Karen McDougal to the list of possibles for Vince McMahon's wandering eyes.....The WWF will open an entertainment complex, much like WWF NY, in Toronto in 2001.... NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Taping Results From Last Night Are Here.....

Saturday December 16
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