Rob's Wrestling / Sat Oct 28

7:00 PM ET UPDATE..... WCW will show a 5-hour preshow tomorrow afternoon leading into Halloweeen Havoc.... Droz is now writing for WWF.COM..... Chyna has taped for TSN "Off The Record" to air on Nov 1 ..... Chyna's MTV Diary will be rebroadcast tonight at 7:30 pm ..... Tonight on Walker:Texas Ranger, the plot involves a wrestler who plunges to his death from rafters..... Tenyru won the All Japan Triple Crown Championship early today @ Budokan Hall. Tenyru will wrestle for the vacant IWGP Title @ New Japan's Annual Tokyo Dome show on Jan 4..... Hugo Masslich worked as Events Coordinator for the WWF for 6 years. He recently returned to the New York Daily News...... 10:00 AM ET UPDATE...... An extra hour of sleep tonight as DST bows out......WWF's Acolytes out of action for over a month as both Farooq and Bradshaw nurse ring injuries.....Bret Hart penned a classy tribute to his fans in a retirement column yesterday in the Calgary Sun.....Mick Foley and Chyna are spotlighted tomorrow morning on WWF Superstars....... 1:00 AM ET UPDATE.......... USA Today reports that a lawsuit has been filed in London by the WWF against the WWF. The World Wildlife Federation claimis its rights to the URL, citing precedence over the World Wrestling Federation.....Bret Hart may not be through, after all. A clause in his contract allows him to collect his full salary through his duraton of employment with WCW, due to disability.....British Bulldog arested for communicating death threats against ex-wife Diana and her sister Ellie.....WWF Smackdown scored in the mid-4's this past Thu night....Debra and Steve Austin on Regis yesterday morning with the Austin Simmering Sauce..... The CEO of USA, Barry Diller, in Broadcasting and Cable Magazine, is quoted as saying that USA no wants no part of WCW.....The inaugural XFL draft is set for today. The order: Los Angeles, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NY/NJ and Chicago.

Friday October 27