Rob's Wrestling / Sat Oct 14

6:00 PM ET UPDATE....... AOL will have to prove that rival internet companies will have access to their high-speed cable network in order to satisfy the US Gov't and proceed with the AOL-TW merger..... Paul E met with the troops last night in Richmond. ECW will hold monthly ppv's and promote them on the syndicated Hardcore TV show while a National outlet is being secured..... ECW results from Fri night in Richmond: New Jack/ Chilly Willy d Da Baldies, Lynn d CW Anderson, Corino d Diamond, Kash d EZ Money.... Thunder taping from Melbourne: Rey Jr d Sanders. Boogie Nights d The Harris Brothers. Douglas d Big Vito. Steiner/Jarrett d Konan/Kidman. Booker T/ Sting d Jindrak/ O'Haire by DQ. Perfect Event NC Kronic. ME: Mike Awesome wins a 30-man BR to determine the #1 contender for the WCW title........ 9:00 AM ET UPDATE..... WWF TV rights have been expanded into Bulgaria, Russia and Japan, bringing the number of countries receiving WWF programming to nearly 60..... UK TV Bravo is running ads for the upcoming 4-city WCW tour. Sting will defend his German Cup, which he won from Vader in 1994, on the German-only Nov 16 satellite show..... Insiders have Chris Benoit the victor over HHH @ WWF No Mercy..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE.............. Jim Ross will be elsewhere promoting his cookbook, but these 5 WWF Superstars have been booked to co-host with Regis the week of Oct 23: Chyna, HHH, Lita, Kurt Angle and Steve Austin..... Chyna tapes MAD TV this Fri to air on FOX Nov 4..... "Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos" book is due out next month..... 'Taker recently underwent gall bladder surgery; out of action for 3 weeks.... Taka Michinoku has shoulder surgery scheduled for this week. The results could determine his future wrestling career.

Friday October 13