Rob's Wrestling / Sat Nov 4

8:00 PM ET UPDATE......... WWP tonight in Winston-Salem @ the VFW on Glenn Ave..... Bret Hart, speaking on Off The Record, says that he is through with pro wrestling. He stops short of blaming Bill Goldberg for the concusion which disabled him from WCW, saying that it was a costly mistake by Golderg..... WWF Divas to Jamaica on Nov 18 for a photo shoot..... Mick Foley on Conan O'Brien Nov 16 to promote his book, Christmas Chaos..... WWF special on MTV next Fri night..... WWF feeder promotion UPW television taping will be streamed over the 'net this Wed night, Nov 8, beginning @ 8 PM PT......... 7:00 AM ET UPDATE...... A website has been launched to promote Goldberg's book: WWF Raw this Mon night features Crash/ S Blackman vs T&A.....The Rock will leave the WWF for 4-5 weeks to film his next movie, then he will return.....Chyna to appear on the cover of MAXIM Mag.....Lita in therapy to mend a twisted ankle sufered @ WWF No Mercy.

Friday November 3