Rob's Wrestling / Sat Nov 25

6:00 PM ET UPDATE........ Speculation that ECW has become a television promotion has been furthered with the announcement this afternoon that the upcoming Texas tour has been cancelled by the sponsor. The Dec 8 and 9 shows, scheduled for Dallas and Houston, have been removed from Some of the talent had caught heat for agreeing to work an indy in Ft Worth on Dec 7. It was the feeling that, by doing so, the ECW gate would be hurt. Hardcore TV was scheduled to be taped in Texas; it is uncertain what effect the cancellations will have. As a note, ECW airs first-week film in only 3 markets: New York (MSG), Philadelphia and Chicago. The remainder of the ECW Network, including Flo's Sunshine Network, are all on a one-week delay.......... 12:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Greg Price @ Main Event Wrestling features a private signing of replica belts with Goldberg, R Flair, R Van Dam and S Corino. Interested??? contact Greg @ The WWF has received extended ppv rights in Australia, from 5 per year to all 12..... Lance Storm will be taking some time off after WCW Mayhem to heal his ribs....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... Lita graces the cover of a current German publication, unauthorized by WWFE..... Tix for the Dec 17 Starrcade event in D.C. sold well under 1,000 on the first day of sell.... Chris and Tammy are back online..... ECW on Thu Dec 21 in Queens, N.Y. has The Dudleys for the night.... Here are a few pix of Stacy, in her cheerleading days..... And a few of Mona, before she was Molly

Friday November 24