Rob's Wrestling / Sat Nov 18

2:00 PM ET UPDATE.........The Nov 15 Calgary Sun reports that the British Bulldog is denying the allegations that he tried to kill his wife and her sister..... Walmart has pulled Mick Foley's book, Christmas Chaos, due to the cover illustration.... The Hardys and Lita were rear-ended last Sun in Huntington, WV by a car doing approx 45 MPH. The three are fine, but suffering a bit of whiplash..... Kevin Nash teaming with DD Page at WCW Mayhem...that's the big announcement for WCW Nitro this Mon night. What??? You already know that??? You must have been watching WCW Worldwide this weekend, where the news was released early....... 10:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Ron Jordan is reporting today's editions of the Winston-Salem Journal that New Dimension Wrestling has a show Thanksgivivng Night in Pfafftown...ME has Rick Link vs Dirty White Boy ( no, NOT Tony Anthony ) in a Thumbtack Brawl... Also featured: Big 'n Sexy, Intimidator, King Konga, Assassin 2 , Righteous Rider, Johnny Hardrock, (Sgt.) Max Rhodes and High Octane.....According to Vince Mc Mahon, XFL announcers will broadcast from the stands among the cheerleaders and the fans, using a 4.5 second delay system.....Sting will take time off for real neck surgery to sell the angle begun by Scott Steiner this past week on Thunder. 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... The WWF's Jackie flies to Vancouver this Tuesday to tape an episode of UPN's Freedom....Bubba The Love Sponge, a huge wrestling fan, will wrestle The Texas Hangman in a dark match this Sun @ WWF Survivor.....10,000 people jammed the arena in Oberhausen, Germany for the WCW tour finale, Millenium.....TNN has acquired the cable broadcasting rights to Pam Anderson's V.I.P.

Friday November 17