Rob's Wrestling / Sat Nov 11

3:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Very good crowd for the second night of Steel Magnolias last night, down to around 120. Good to see Sam and Joe, from Rowan County. Curtain Call finale is tonight, beginning at around 8:01..... Terri Runnels in UPN's Freedom last night as the wife of a Federal Reserve official.... WWF Wrestlemania @ the Astrodome in Houston on Sun April 1. AXXESS weekend will be held on Fri Mar 30-Sun Apr 1....Bill Goldberg's book, I'm Next, hits the stores this Tues. He has autograph sessions set for NY, LA, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, S Diego and Live with Regis next Fri, Nov 17..... Jim Mitchell, the ECW manager who was burned @ Nov 2 Rememer, is recovering from surgery which saw a nerve from his forearm placed in his burned hand..... A SAKS Fifth Avenue executive has filed a $10 million lawsuit against a former friend who held up a sign in view of the cameras accusing him of stealing from SAKS..... Scott Hall debuted for ECW last night and will work the television taping tonight in Poughkeepsie.... WWF Smackdown this past Thu fininshed with a 4.9..... Mon Nitro, taped in London: Crowbar d Vito. S Steiner/Sting d Awesome/Bigelow. The Cat d Skipper. Kronic d Luger/Booker T. Thrillaz attack Nash. Golderg d Boogie Knights. Storm d Rection TO WIN THE US TITLE. S Steiner/Sting d Kronic...... WCW World Wide, taped in London: Bagwell d Drew McDonald. Smiley d Kwee Wee.

Friday November 10