Wrestling Saturday / May 5

Results from today's WWF Insurrextion event in the U.K. : Eddie Guererro d GM Sexay. The Radicals d Crash/ Hardcore Holly. Test NC The Big Show. Bradshaw d The Big Show. Edge/ Christian win an 8-man tag with The Hardys, The Dudleys and X-Factor. Chris Benoit d Kurt Angle in a 2 of 3 falls contest. Chris Jerico d Wm Regal to capture the Queen's Cup, only to destroy it. In the Main Event, Steve Austin kept the WWF Title in a handicap match which saw the 'Taker d HHH/ Austin. 'Taker pinned HHH. The WWF returns to the UK for satellite on Nov 3 in Manchester.

Wrestling Friday / May 4
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